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Maggic CopRunCon

With CopRunCon 1.0 you can easy get the configs from Cisco-Devices. You don't have to connect to every device via telnet because this is CopRunCon doing for you.
It needs a TFTP-Server and works only with Routers and Switches from Cisco. For more details look at <About CopRunCon> in the menuitem <Info>.

CopRunCon 1.0 is available for MAC-OS 9. This tool is freeware.

Download CopRunCon 1.0 for MAC-OS 9

CopRunCon 2.0 Professional is now available !

The new features are:
- There is now a version for Windows available
- You can select your TFTP-Server and CopRunCon will remember this and automatically start the server.
- Now you have the possibility to make more than one Preference-File. So you can change between your preferences with different Network-Areas.
- To every device you can optional enter a separate vty or Secret-Password.

CopRunCon 2.0 is available for MAC-OS 9 and Windows. This tool is freeware.

Screenshot CopRunCon 2.0 Version for MAC-OS
Screenshot CopRunCon 2.0 Version for Windows

Download CopRunCon 2.0 for MAC-OS 9
Download CopRunCon 2.0 for Windows